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2013 STATS19 Data now on

Road SafetyPosted by Sanjay Mon, October 06, 2014 21:29:21
After mustering all the thought power and recovering from the weekend hangovers..finally managed to update the to inlcude:
  1. 2013 STATS19 Data
  2. Fixes to bring the google mashup upto date
  3. Tidying up by revising minor typos and removing the US data (just too many variables..)
  4. Introducing Google MarkerCluster visualisation, which allows a basic multi-scale visualisation of the road injury clusters.

However, despite numerous attempts, I was unable to include a live twitter feed of road traffic related tweets, and a statistical representation of the local vs nationwide comparison of the date. Something for future...

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Posted by dan Fri, July 10, 2015 15:34:04

Hello there - great resource you have.

Is there a way i can look up the details of an accident via its reference number?